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Delivering efficient, elegant & Exclusive insurance experiences

About Klout.
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Klout is a venture-backed financial services firm with primary operations in the broking of insurance products and risk management services. Klout specializes in High Net Worth Individuals, families and small to mid-sized businesses.


 With a combined 70+ years of industry experience; we have been able to distinguish ourselves from our competition. We have experienced over 7 figure growth within our first year of operation and plan to continue our aggressive growth in 2019.  


InsurTech, Financial Services, Private Client services & M&A's are what differentiate us from the rest. Klout's focus has always been developing loyal and meaningful relationships with our client's. In a world full of competition and technology, its sometimes that much better knowing you can call, text or email your Broker, without ever talking to a robot. Contact us for a bespoke consultation. 



Klout is and will always be synonymous to Chicago. Our founder's, Leader's, and our Team's call Chicago home. However, our services are available coast to coast; with Chicago as our HQ. 


Private Client Service​

Our specialities include curating bespoke risk management and insurance solutions on behalf of high net-worth individuals, families and small to mid-size businesses.

Insurance Technology

Adapting to the current technology trends has allowed Klout to provide our clients & teams members rapid-responses, streamlined processes and remote capabilities. Each Team Member is equipped with iPhones & ipads for remote mobility. Klout set the bar; as the first brokerage to implement the "Brokers to Clients"  model. At the touch of a button, you can schedule your broker to visit you.


With technology at our forefront and our clients at the helm; we promise to continually uphold our promise of  "Sterling Service, Reputable  Relationships, Lasting Loyalty & Tireless Trust". 


Every Process

The diverse nature of Klout's Leadership in industry expertise, ethnicity, culture and generation, has enabled Klout to question, refine and reinvent all of our business practices. 


Take everything you ever experienced about insurance and throw it away. That's what Klout did. Everything from Client Services, quoting, and even training was recreated to adapt. 



Klout "Never says No"; the core principles of Klout are to provide the very best option, every time, everywhere. 


Therefore, we pledge to obtain markets in states we may not currently be in to ensure complete continuity of service.


One Brokerage, One Broker, One Team; for All our Clients. This motto allows our clients to worry about the things that really matter. For Klout, It's the little things.

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License Number By State

Illinois: 300518882                  Texas: 2426210                        California: Pending

Hawaii: 494717                          Florida: L105947                        Washington: Pending

Michigan:16968604                    Nevada:                                    Georgia: Pending

Maryland: 3000578843              New York:                                  Tennessee: Pending

Arizona: 3000583116            New Jersey: 3000578851      Kentucky: Pending

Kansas: 823588931-000        Wisconsin:16968604            Connecticut: Pending


Executive Leadership

John Kraft

Chairman, Advisory Board

Andrew Kraft

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

David Gearhart

Chief Legal Officer

Drew Powers

Chief Investment Officer

Joe Rickard 

Senior Advisor

Michelle Smead

Vice-Chairman, Advisory Board

Fred Goldman

VP, Business Development

Dominick Gentile

VP, Account Management


Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Partners


We'd love to hear from you




230 E. Ohio St., Ste 104.

Chicago, IL 60611


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